Next on Your Table

Jams & Pickles

Mark makes premium, hand-made, small batch, preservative and additive free, pickles and condiments in the UK. 

Next on Your Table’s flagship product is Oak Smoked Chilli Pepper Jam made from home grown Apache Chillies, smoked for 12 hours to enhance their naturally fruity flavour and combined with UK sourced Romano peppers, Jam Sugar and Apple Cider Vinegar to make a smoky, spicy and delicious condiment.

Food & Drink Trends

Claire’s job gives her access to trade events, publications and industry leaders.  She also eats out a lot and has a professional qualification in wine, all in the name of work!

Claire Dickson, Food Blog, Next on Your Table, restaurant consultancy
Claire Dickson

Next on Your Table will bring together all my professional food and drink knowledge and insight so that you can be ahead of the trends.

Next on Your Table will reference restaurants, suppliers and recipes so you can access the next new thing in whichever way works best for you.