Oak Smoked Chilli Pepper Jam – Nutritional Information

Ingredients Breakdown & Nutritional Information

Each 380ml Jar is made from the following approximate quantities of raw ingredients:

Raw IngredientComponentsWeight
Red Apache Chillies  27g4%
Red Romano Peppers 245g32%
Biona Organic Apple Cider Vinegar 182g24%
Tate & Lyle Fairtrade Jam SugarSugarcane, Pectin 303g40%
Total  758g100%

There is significant evaporation during the Jam making process and this why the total weight of raw ingredients is therefore greater than the weight of the finished product.

The Jam is made with a minimum of 35% fruit (Apache Chillis and Red Peppers) which is the minimum requirement to be called “Jam” in the UK.

The nutrition information for the raw ingredients per 380ml Jar is:

Energy KCAL10.988.429.11190.91319.3
.. of which Saturated0.
.. of which Sugars1.410.30.4297.0309.1