Beef rib

A meal for two

Beef rib and red wine pairing
Beef rib
Ingredients: -

1 beef rib/cote de boeuf approximately 850g
Method: -

1. Heat the over to 200c/180c fan or gas mark 6.

2. Season the steak with salt and pepper and rub into the skin.  Heat a frying pan, when sizzling hot, add the steak.  Seal and brown the steak all over, paying particular attention to the fatty areas, you want this rendered to release all its fatty loveliness.

3. Transfer the steak into the oven and cook for 27 minutes medium/rare or 29 minutes for medium. 

4. Take out of the oven, wrap the steak in foil and leave to rest for 10 minutes.  Slice and serve, my favourite accompaniment at the moment is swede and carrot mash seasoned with creamed horseradish. 
(I've tried a high oven temperature and low and slow cooking but this method I finds makes for a very tender steak)