Taramasalata and salt & vinegar crisps

Taramasalata recipe and salt & vinegar crisps

Makes a medium sized bowl, enough to go with a large packet of crisps

Buy a packet of decent quality crisps, such as Tyrrells, which are firm enough to hold the dip, ridge crisps work very well. For the taramasalata I’ve been experimenting with this following recipe, holding back on the options of either mashed potato or almonds to bulk out, but have added a bit of bread –

Ingredients: -
 200g of soft code roe (2 tins), drained and rinsed
 1 white bread roll approximately 60g, dampen with water and squish to get rid of any excess
 100ml neutral oil, I used vegetable. I tried with extra virgin oil and the flavour of the oil masked the roes
 Seasoning – I used salt, pepper and a squeeze of half a lemon
Method: -
 Put all ingredients in a chopper and blend thoroughly, add more oil if you’d like a looser texture.
 Open a packet of salt and vinegar crisps and enjoy!
Taramasalata and salt & vinegar crisps
Taramasalata and salt & vinegar crisps